Class Descriptions


A highly technical form of dance training that influences the foundation of all other dance genres.  It is the most important dance fundamental and requires much practice and dedication.

Tap                                                                                                                                         Focuses on musicality, percussion and creating rhythmic choreography with traditional and modern tap techniques.

Jazz                                                                                                                                      Technique-based style with a ballet background set to upbeat, popular music.


Hip Hop                                                                                                                             Upbeat, popular dance styles with high energy, musicality and rhythm.



Very artistic style of dance which is a fusion of ballet, jazz and modern techniques. It takes dancers on an expressive journey that usually tells a story.


Theater Dance                                                                                                    Dancing, acting and lip sync to songs from Broadway musicals and movies. May include props, scenery and different dance styles.

Adult Classes 

Pilates - Strengthening of the deep core muscles to promote strength of abdominal & back muscles, balance and flexibility.


Total Body  Conditioning - Consists of weight training. Strengthening the body's major muscles. Plus More!


HIIT  - (High Intensity Interval training). Form of interval training with a focus on strengthening muscles with small bursts of various cardio exercises to keep the heart in the fat burning range. BIG calorie burner.